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In order for the men of The Life Saving Service to protect lives and cargo; a wide range of skills, technology and equipment was always at the ready.

On the front line of these efforts was the surfboat. Every station had at least one and they varied in design in different regions of the country.

Surfboat expert, author and Retired US Naval Reserve Commander Tim Dring takes us through history…

“What we have here is a replica of a Jersey-pulling surfboat…

… This is the only boat in the United States that can still be used as it was in the water as it was back in the 1800’s”

The surfboat on display at The US Life Saving Station in Ocean City, NJ is a replica crafted from a compilation of several sets of specifications and plans and maintains historically accuracy. The use of modern composite materials ensures durability and light weight. A centerboard has also been incorporated to allow for the boat’s dual use as a sailboat.

As this series continues, we’ll explore much more about the history of The Life Saving Service… some of the other tools and technology that protected lives and cargo, and some of the guide rules that the men abided by.